Saddle pressure measurement on the horse in full movement!

The anatomically shaped and very thin saddle mat captures the pressure distribution on the horse's back.

The complex interaction of the force effects between horse, saddle and rider is measured in the relevant riding situations or in the state and later evaluated in the analysis software SATS. It becomes visible in which phase of movement and at which points the saddle bears in the saddle position or causes undesirable pressure peaks on the back of the horse. Painful duck on the spine is visualized and should be resolved as soon as possible. Numerous analysis tools such as: weight distribution of the rider, center of gravity, mean, maximum value, etc ...


- Measurement of pressure distribution on horseback while moving by radio with live image
- Measuring with a thin anatomically shaped measuring mat with sensors up to the spinal column
- Objective reports of saddle fit and examination system: rider-saddle-horse
- Documentation of your own work as a saddler or saddler
- Use in riding lessons to depict equestrian influence directly on the horse
- Video recording to make the rider / owner understand the analysis after the measurement
- Numerous analysis / documentation tools for daily work developed through feedback from our customers
- Crop function to calculate sections of the acquisition sequence: e.g. Mean value of the left turn

- Special edition available (patented):

With Mr. Eberhard White and Dr. med. Stodulka from the University of Vienna developed a special edition MSL (Medical Saddle Teaching). Here, the printed images are adapted to an anatomical 3D model. You can see the pressure on the associated muscle parts and can take measures under medical anatomical aspects!

-> Perfect tool for any veterinarian, saddler, physiotherapist or osteopath to form and treat the cause and effect.

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Who can measure a saddle on a horse? On our maps you will find the owners of the system and you can inquire.

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You have bought a saddle tester! Congratulations! Afterwards you can expect from us the following services:

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Here's a brief summary of why electronic saddle measurement is needed: The saddle has to fit during the movement. Check this out!

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What Our Client Say

I work with saddle tester's saddle pressure measuring system developed by me in the sense of medical saddle teaching, which allows the print image for the first time an anatomical, true to scale 3-dimensional assignment to anatomical reference points. It is also possible a single image sequence analysis, which represents the individual print images in each phase of movement. a really great system that I use with great success

Robert Stodulka begründete die Variante zur medizinischen Sattellehre

Robert Stodulka


With a computer pressure measurement pressure peaks, bridges or other defects in the fit can be determined safely and without doubt.

Ulrike Schuhmacher von Satteltest-Nord zum Thema Satteldruck Messung

Ulrike Schuhmacher


A correctly fitted saddle is essential to the performance and comfort of any horse - a badly fitted saddle can cause lameness, painful saddle sores and behavioral problems.

Britta Rizzi working with the saddle scanning system from team-satteltester

Brita Rizzi


Horses change. Depending on race, age, use, equestrian ability. Sometimes fast, but mostly slow, steady and unnoticed for a long time.

Monika Janczikowski@team-satteltester

Monika Janczikowski


The saddle is one of the most important and at the same time most consistent but also the most discussed equipment for riding. 

Andreas Sendlhofer Kundenstimme zur Satteldruck-Messung

Andreas Sendlhofer

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