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Saddle analysis and scanning: the benefits!

The “Satteltester” is a complex system and the interpretation of the pictures is not easy without experience. So the Users of this system normally are not private persons. In fact the target group are:



- saddle dealer

The saddle tester is the optimal help for the saddle purchase! With the help of concrete measurement data and a vivid slide show, you can show your customer that the saddle you have recommended really fits the horse at the time of fitting. - And not only standing on the stable lane, but by accurate digital measurement on the working horse, under load by the weight of the rider! - Of course - for example, by growth in young horses, by changing training condition and other changes in the shoulder / back / saddle position - here a long-term guarantee as little possible, as in the "conventional" adaptation. However, the easy-to-understand screen display, backed by accurate measurement data, will surely convince your customers and give them significant advantages over the competition. They offer your customer the best possible service with the electronic saddle measurement and gain even the assurance that they do not expect a complaint and that their good reputation is maintained. Also for you should apply: Better to sell a matching saddle, than lose the good reputation.

- saddler: 

Every halfway experienced rider knows that a good saddler who really understands his craft can not be paid with gold !!! I myself (or my wife) ride with such a handmade and specially adapted for our horse dressage saddle. Nevertheless, even the best saddle must be "renovated" from time to time and restored to its optimal shape. This regularly necessary padding on "classic saddles" can be carried out in a more targeted manner based on the precise analysis options of the system. By using the saddle tester, you are better able than ever to take the right measures and to precisely check the result of your expert and high-quality work. By accurately padding a saddle or even the individual adaptation to the horse, you will satisfy your customers and their horses. Your craft experience - paired with the saddle tester will convince your customers to take the right step.

- riding schools

The saddle tester can be used excellently in riding lessons. Especially with the targeted seat correction and the learning of the correct impact with cross and weight the impressive visualization (pressure measurement image + video recording) simply helps a lot more than a thousand good words, because nothing helps to learn movements more than a good self-control! With the saddle tester even the bloody beginner recognizes simply, fast and incorruptibly what he does wrong when riding - and in comparison with a correct example, how it should be! The riding lessons can be made much more effective by the inclusion of the saddle tester, the student comes faster to the finish, and so incidentally, the otherwise so tortured school horses may be a little less strained ??

– Tierärzte, Physiotherapeuten, Osteopathen, Tierheilpraktiker und Pferdekliniken:

An experienced and horse specialized lady doctor well known in circle of expert confirmed me in my opinion that at least about half of all used saddles does not fit and thus can prepare most diverse medical problems. Remains difficult to describe this the owner of the patient impressive. The used saddle cost a small fortune and the owner was sitting in it "as in a sofa". However the owner will not have long-time fun to it, if itself the saddle selection - like unfortunately too often happens! - to the riders backside or on colour, material or the adornment (western saddle!!!) is limited. Just if the horse by back problems becomes apparent, should be found and eliminated the cause at first: Unfortunately very often and completely unnecessary a wrongly sitting saddle. With the “Satteltester” you can help your "patient" in the best possible way and describe the owner visually clearly and plausibly relevant problems and on a long-term basis save thus patient horse possibly lasting damage.


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