Some thoughts

"on humans"

A small history is brought "on humans" to the topic of the load on the backs. This humorous-ironically meant view addresses itself mainly to all the horsewomen and horseman, who thought over the correct fit of their saddle more or less or at all.

What has a saddle common with shopping bags???

Since you called and opened this side, I subordinate you, dear visitor, that you are possibly positively approached or however critical in relation to the computer saddle analysis. In each case however you are one: Curiously and interested!!!
For this reason I would like to ask you to accomplish with me a small experiment. As riders you are surely fantasyful. Thus it is sufficient, if you accomplish this experiment in thoughts with me.

Imagine please the following:

Thus, you were buying. You are moderately strongly, on the average heavy and to some extent trained. The weekend stands before, and you "covered yourselves up" equal for several days. With your booty, two well filled shopping bags you are on the way home. Because in addition it is beautiful weather, you decided to walk – you are environmentally conscious! - those few meter to foot. "Those few meter" stretch themselves on almost 30 minutes, and like coincidence wants (or also the luggage volume of your purchases), you have loaded the two shopping bags unequally! We say the one contain a few bottles and other things and weigh about 5 kg. The other one contains vegetables and salad and has a weight of 2 kg.

"What is that now?" you do not ask yourselves without reason. But please you continue to follow to me still somewhat:

I would like to thank you those, which lost the interest already now to be concerned further with the experiment here for your attention. Steer the mouse to the right above on the small cross (please don’t do it!!!) and try further to find with much money the correct horse for your saddle, to make the successful special fitting or the Ostheopath with its welfare efforts to support. Or perhaps also a possibility: "to learn that silly horse how to work like you want"... , But those, who want still to follow me with their fantasy, I want to stretch a little bit further on the torture: 

urther please imagine that on this morning you put on your fantastic new shoes. Unfortunately you took yourselves with the selection the same little too little time. You are now already on half the way. And now?

I would like now somewhat more urgently to describe you your physical condition: First your shoulder possibly cramps, although you have to carry nevertheless altogether only ridiculous 7 kg. You would take dearest every few steps the two bags in each case into those different hand... Next your feet in the uncomfortable shoes begin to swell, get wet of sweat and will press in front, in the back and in addition still on the upper side.

And now you ask yourselves: What has this situation to do with a suitable saddle?
Compare the situation in that you are mental with that of your horse with a saddle and you as rider. There are several possibilities now:

1. The saddle "fits" your horse........forget the further. 
2. The saddle does not fit your horse correctly. The horse is asymmetrical (like you as right hander) or the saddle is too close (like your shoes) or the saddle lies only on one side (like the weight of the heavy bag), or you has a one-sided seat.......

Even if the individual factors do not agree direct, the respective situations and their physical effects are absolutely comparable. You and your horse do not have to carry about 10% of your own weight, the load is one-sided or the article of clothing (shoes/saddle) does not fit.

Only in one our comparison limps:

Your horse is helplessly exposed - contrary to you - to the situation!!!

Your horse must go usually longer than 30 minutes, perhaps even several times a day. It has to bring the achievement demanded by you thereby during longer periods, has to move released under your weight and accept your aid, without for strutting itself...

And now?

If you were more or less concerned already before with that problem, you know: To judge the fit of a saddle is an extremely complex task and requires a lot of experience on the side and succeeds actually only to the really experienced specialist. This means for the layman inevitably to have much confidence with the saddle purchase into partial stranger and occasionally appointed "specialists".

Our computer saddle analysis offers here two substantial advantages:
1. Your horse cannot talk, where "that shoe presses". The computer analysis shows - also and even the experienced specialist - where are concretely possible "problem zones"!

2. By the visual representation of the pressure distribution also for the layman the statements of the specialist become more transparent, and he can possibly check up "black sheep" among the saddle salesmen faster. 

.... and this not on that standing horse, in any close stable lane, but under the weight of the rider and in full action!!!

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