You have bought a saddle tester! Congratulations!

Afterwards you can expect from us the following services:

  • Assistance in the installation and installation of the saddle analysis software SATS
  • Scaling own stationery for the documenter (template required by customer)
  • Support with the first interpretations of the scanning images

We strongly recommend getting familiar with the system before you drive it to the customer.
The system is set up quite fast and the two three stumbling blocks get to know each other quickly.
Rather, it's about the print image interpretation. Just inexperienced people will be surprised that under the saddle it does NOT look like you always believed it before.
The dynamic (real) world is significantly more complex than the world of measuring grids in the stand.

As a customer of our saddle measuring system you expect the following services:

  • Repairs on the pad
  • Spare Parts Service
  • Replacement of defective sensors or other components
  • Upgrade in advanced measurement technology, wireless technology, etc ...
  • Software-Updates
  • Software-Upgrades

As we are the complete manufacturer of our saddle pressure analysis system we can also offer:

  • Customization on the pad (shorter, longer, etc)
  • Adjustments to the software (e.g., presentation mode for fairs)
  • Completely new developments such as the medical saddle teaching with Mr. Eberhard white and Dr. vet. Stodulka as client and team member


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