Here is a summary of why electronic saddle measurement is required:

  • The saddle has to fit during the movement
  • There is no other way to show the pressure distribution during the movement
  • All measuring grids no matter what color, whether with or without scale: a measuring grid is used to roughly determine which saddle sits on the horse!
    A measuring grid can NOT:

    • it does not check for pressure spikes
    • The anatomy of a horse changes in the movement: Often fits a saddle in the state; The movement creates bridging, tilting, pressure on the spine or pressure peaks
    • the effects just mentioned depend on the rider weight
    • the just mentioned effects are dependent on the equestrian ability
    • the effects just mentioned depend on the harness, type of saddle, type of harness and many many other small factors
    • The awkward material combination of saddlecloth and saddle can tension the saddlecloth on the back of the horse with every downward movement. This creates extreme pressure peaks in the spine
  • Saddle pressure measurement with elasto-plastic plastics or dough (for example "Carola-Pad") try to stretch the bow between the knowledge that a measuring grid is not suitable and the fast and cost-effective testing of saddle pressure. The idea is charming. For years, we have been trying to make the measuring process easier and the measuring technology cheaper for team saddle testers. If only it were so easy ... the following are the disadvantages of the elasto-plastic measurement:
    • The saddle pressure looks different in step, trot, or gallop, left, right volt
    • It is - if any - an average value of the riding sequence in the dough or in the mass deposited as information
    • More likely is that only the print image of the last situation is deposited
    • The impression is destroyed by the descent and the meaning is extremely left-heavy (or just on the side where you descend)

As you can see, all methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

If a saddle pressure measuring system, then you should buy the team saddle tester because:

  • We have been working on this topic for over 20 years.
  • If you look at our customers, you will see that the best in the business have bought from us
  • We manufacture completely ourselves and our system is not a waste / by-product but designed specifically for the load under the saddle
  • Of course something can go wrong with our system, too: All sensors are individually exchangeable and individually fixed in the mat.
  • Even if we could, we do not give absolute values. The saddle pressure measurement is not a limit search to say whether a saddle fits or not. It is about the existing pressure to transfer the existing forces anatomically correct and thus as gently as possible on the horse's back. Laboratory values as of which force human meat is damaged are also not used in backpack development (or in occupational safety); Why this happens in the horse world and also finds followers is beyond our reach. That's easy, but not effective. That's why: who wants to have it without dealing with the complex topic horse-saddle horse; he buys somewhere else!
  • The software evolved based on customer requests. We write you ourselves and can make any adjustments
  • Even though the others have since joined us, we were the first to bring together a video image with the printed image. If you want to interpret the printed image you have to know what horse and rider are doing right now. Sure, in the pure limit search is not so important.
  • We reject orders too: who does not know you; the great prints of saddles and mats which clear the saddle print. Red turns blue. Unfortunately, no pressure points are distributed but the pressure disappears almost completely. Unfortunately, these "antigravity saddles / mats" have not come down to us in reality. Such fake pictures do not exist with us; If we have the feeling that a potential customer wants to work this way, he does not get the system.
  • Many saddlers have creative ideas and use our system to research.
  • Many saddle dealers secure their sale and service: Our system serves as a documentation tool: The saddle fit at the time of sale / adaptation.
  • Through the live view, the system can be used very well for professional riding lessons. Especially at the beginning, some riders do not know how the action in the saddle affects the saddle pressure.
  • We do not have the pressure to sell: Team Saddle Tester consists of 2 people who are well paid full-time. We do that as a hobby and the absolute conviction in this niche a meaningful way to go.

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