Photo series - Using the Satteltester

Anatomische geformte Satteldruckmessdecke mit Messsensoren auf dem Rücken des Pferdes
Anatomical shaped saddle pressure blanket with measuring sensors on the back of the horse

Now, we want to show how the satteltester is used in the field. The pictures will show you how easy it is:

Of course the mat is something new for the horse, So just show it and the horse will realize that the mat is nothing to be afraid on.

After the horse shows no nervousness just place the mat right on the horseback

As you see on the picture the mat fits perfectly. Because of this cut, you will get no problems placing the pad and the saddle on it.

On the bottom of the pictures you can see the two pockets.
The left pocket is for the powery supply. We use a common USB-Power-Pack which you can buy as spare and charge without problems around the world
In the right pocket there is a small black box with some electronics and mainly the wireless data transmission system

There is a big improvement compared to other and our older system that all parts are included in the mat now. There are still some systems on the market where you need some fanny pack or even a backpack

Of course you don't see anything from the parts during the measurement. The parts dissappear in the pockets and are secured by a snap fastener (picture on the right)

Bevor you start recording, the horse should be warmed up.
In this case we make the warm up with full measuring equipment. This is no problem for the mat. The horse should be relaxed or in the same status when its ridden normally.

This is very important because you need the information about the pressure distribution when the saddle has to fit. Not when the horse is standing in the stable or hanging around.

Some of the saddle scanning systems doesn't support that or are too fragile to do that often and then get broken.
Others has to be calibrated quite often. Our system has 256 uncalibrated but accurate sensors which can be replaced one by one. Think about the following costs before purchasing.

Our mat is directly placed on the horseback and EVERYTHING what you use during a normal ride can and should be placed above it.

A pad will definitely change the pressure distribution.
So it makes no sense to check the saddle only. Our systems supports measuring with all the euqipment you use for riding and shows the distribution in the movement.

Vor der Druckmessung auf dem Pferd wird die Messmatte direkt auf das Pferd unter die Satteldecke (Schabracke bzw. Reitdecke auch möglich) gelegt.
Before the pressure measurement on the horse, the measuring mat is placed directly on the horse under the saddle blanket (saddle pad or riding blanket also possible).
Die Messdecke befindet sich direkt unter der Satteldecke (hier: ein Westernpad) unter dem üblichen Reitzeug
The measuring ceiling is located directly below the saddlecloth (here: a Westernpad) under the usual riding gear

Using a mat on different horses must be checked under a medical and hygienic point of view. There is a possibility to transfer viruses and fungal infections to healthy horses. Our mat has water resistent covering which can easily cleaned with germicide.

Although we have all these advantages the pad is still very thin.

To measure the forces on the horseback we looked that the areas with the most thickness are the active areas of the sensors. Otherwise you couldn't guarentee that the pressure is scanned reliable.

The software can also show you the balance point. So, before you fix the saddle, please check once again the position of the mat.
Of course you can do that by hand next to the horse or with the LiveView-mode in our software.

The next step is standard. Fix the saddle how you do that everytime. 

You see that the pockets don't disturb anything. 

The sytem is designed to see the pressure distribution from a normal riding phase. Without giving the rider or the horse the feeling that there is something different going on. 

Das Satteldruck-Messgerät wird ganz normal unter das übliche Reitzeug direkt auf den Pferderücken aufgelegt.
The saddle pressure gauge is placed as normal under the usual riding gear directly on the horse's back.
Aufnahme einer Satteldruck-Messung am Pferd während des Reitens
Recording a saddle pressure measurement on the horse during riding

You see the horse on the left in motion and on the right the persons seeing the first time what the horse feels.
Because of the LiveView-mode and the wireless transmission you will realize very fast what's going on. If a western pad is harder on one side compared to the other, you will see that.

On the left you can see the measuring process.

You can then go to the horse and double-check that with your fingers. That's saves you a lot of time compared to make the scanning and interpretate them minutes after back in the stable.

Of course it is standard to record and save the scanning files. A saddler or saddle dealer then documentates that the saddle was fitting when selled. This is a very important documemtation that proofs that the work was good. This is very helpfull when the rider brings you to courtyard and asks for compensation.

The saddler needs the information of the pressure distribution during motion to optimize the saddle. And the main important thing: The rider has the knowledge that his equipment is the best possible to achieve the maximum fun and success with is horse.

On the last picture you see another advantage of the LiveView. You can show the rider immediately what's going on.

This is a fantastic help for beginners to understand what to do and to use the own weight to communicate with the horse. This is also a fantastic help for pros who wants to improve their skills.

The trainer doesn't have to use words to explain what he wants, he can show it with the pressure distribution. And - which is a very important fact - he can see if his student has understood it.

He will see it on two different things: - the pressure distribution will look like he wants it and... - the horse understands what the rider wants and will do it. The system is a effective and very modern way to learn riding and improve the own skills extremely fast. Once again the same goal: maximum fun and success with the horse

Durch das Messsystem kann die reiterliche Einwirkung direkt und sofort dem Reiter verständlich visualisiert werden
Through the measuring system, the equestrian influence can be visualized directly and immediately to the rider comprehensible

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