With these sites we want to achieve in principle three goals:

  1. Energize the reader themselves to make own thoughts, over interaction between horse, rider and the link, the saddle. Many connections are opened by the argument with the facts. We want to express first thoughts and to bring with it process started.
  2. If we could become fair our first requirement, second adds itself. We want to clear up over the technical possibilities of the computer saddle analysis. We want to point out the advantages but also the borders. We want to represent the most frequent errors by exemplary analysis of some pictures from the Satteltester and enable the reader thereby to evaluate the pictures to some extent independently.
  3. When consequence from the first two points we want to put you into the position with a possible application of the Satteltester on your horse to interpret the pictures as well as your advisor and prevent thus a possible abuse (speak a false consultation).

As riders one has hardly the financial means to buy its own Satteltester. But the system is too technically fastidious. Thus one is dependent on other persons which such an analysis tool usually possesses. These are in most case people which their own economic interest pursues. This is not to and anything unfair for itself. However the abuse possibilities of an analysis system are quite large with the partial ignorance of the customer. What do the multicoloured pictures indicate at all? Is it the saddle or can with a suitable blanket palliation be provided? How are the photographs to be interpreted? What do I read from the course of motion in connection with the pressure picture? Many questions arise and you to critical humans are only insufficiently answered. Here we want to be able to place remedy to create over in the application the "correct questions".

Our opinion is that also experienced "saddle specialists" can have difficulties initially. Too various are the possibilities of interpretation, the possible causes and the remedies. Therefore we offer the possibility to our customers in training with the equipment and the most frequently arising problems to make itself familia 

Under the menu option "partners" you will find in the future in the menu "partner measurement" contacts to those persons, who accomplish measurements with the Satteltester and received training. The contacts listed by us can become "evaluated" on our homepage by the customers, thus the owners of horse. If you select then on our homepage their saddle surveyor/saddle dealer, have immediately access to empirical values of other owners of horse. If negative comments should be present with a dealer, you have to select yourselves as a paying customer the liberty another user.

You find more details under specified the above link.

Transparency and honesty as keys to the confidence is our foreign exchange. 

We constantly extend our homepage and try to adapt it to the given needs so far possible. If you should have some desires for this, contact us. For this a form for contact is for your disposal under "contact".

Your team-satteltester

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